Gouda Farmer’s Cheese from Portuguese Soil

On the west coast of Portugal you will find cheese farm Queijo do Campo.

We make various types of Gouda Farmer’s Cheese.
Cheese that has a wonderfully mild and creamy taste because our cows eat fresh grass all year round.

We sell our cheese on the farm, at markets in the area ánd in our webshop.

Gouda Farmer’s Cheese Naturel

Boernkaas Jong Belegen
In the flavors:
Young Matured
Extra Matured

From €7,45 / 500g

Gouda Farmer’s Cheese with Herbs

Boerenkaas met brandnetel
In the flavors:
Italian Herbs
Black Pepper

Winter Herbs
Iberian Herbs
Summer Flavours
From €7,95 / 500g

Whole Cheeses

Hele Goudse boerenkazen
Whole Cheeses of around 10 kg

Presents and Miscellaneous

Tasteful presents and more

Our new offer

Iberian Herbs

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